The 2nd Annual LIC Sleepover

All Sleepover photos by  Zach Himsel

All Sleepover photos by Zach Himsel

A few weeks ago, The Cliffs at LIC hosted its second ever sleepover, an overnight party complete with games, movies, PB&J, and of course, climbing! Our staff were prepped to burn the midnight oilthere was no "last climb" announcement that night. Try-hard grunts and a bangin' playlist merged the two days together. It was a big kid playground from dusk to dawn.

In the spirit of climbing until you can'tz climbz no more, a "Mock 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell Mini Indoor Competition" was the highlight of the night’s festivities. Teams of two had to climb as many routes as they could from 11 PM to 11 AM, and the prize was a free month of Cliffs membership. Five teams pulled through 'til the morning, but the winners were Gus "Blueberry" Lisandro and Darious Phillips with a combined score of 168 climbs! Wowza!

Ron hosted a movie screening on the bouldering mezzanine, which ended up being a popular spot for people to crash. Downstairs, gym rats spent the night with crate-stacking, giant Jenga, a yoga swing, a brand new cornhole set, and abundant shenanigans.

Did you miss the hysteria last week? Be sure to look out for future Cliffs events!