Meet the New Setters: Marc and Bo

Maybe you've noticed some new initials on the setter tags around the gym. Maybe you've come down off a climb and thought "Huh, that was different." Or maybe you've just felt the sweet scent of Florida oranges waft by, or heard the echo of a Disney World jingle, something that could only be brought on by...oh yes, The Florida Boys.

Meet Marc and Bo, our two brand new setters not from Florida! Marc is originally from Long Island, and Bo comes from New Jersey, but years ago, these two met down south at Tallahassee Rock Gym. "Our eyes locked across the gym." says Marc. Apparently, it was love at first sight. "I was at the front desk," says Bo, "he came in after a run or something, and I was like 'Here's your change' and [Marc] was like, 'Can I route set?' and I was like 'Yeah'." Their story is just so touching.

And now, six years later, they've found themselves back together, reunited at last in the big city! We sat down with them to learn a little more about these old friends:

What are your other hobbies?

Marc: Running
Bo: Photography and hanging out with my dog.
Everybody, meet Ruger. Photo by Kristina Lumm

Everybody, meet Ruger. Photo by Kristina Lumm

Cake vs. Pie?

Marc: Cake
Bo: Pie

Wrong answer, Marc. 

What is your setting philosophy? How do you approach it?

Bo: When I route set, I try to teach people something, at least a specific style, whether it be pulling on slopers vs. crimps, or dynamic movement vs. static movement. I try to focus the climb on a certain skillset.
Marc: I just try to keep it interesting, I try not to set the same thing twice a lot of the time, even though it sometimes happens. There's so many different moves out there, I try and mix it up to make a unique climb every time. 

Do you guys have any climbing stories?

Marc: This guy took me on my first ever climbing trip outside. We went to the Red.
Bo: Yeah, we drove twelve hours for four days of climbing.
Marc: You drove twelve hours, I slept in the back of the car.
Bo: Oh right.
Marc: I'd never been on rope, I'd never led before, and he brought me to the f***ing Red.
Bo: And I handed you a rope and I told you to go rock climbing.
Marc: Yeah.
Bo: That's just how I learned to rock climb. I went to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, and my friends handed me a rope and they were like, "Tie in and climb." They said, "Always clip away from you, and get to the top." And I was like, "Ok."

Side note: Rock climbing is inherently dangerous and you SHOULD NOT try to lead climb without proper instruction and guidance first. Both Marc and Bo had more guidance from their experienced friends than they are letting on!

What's your favorite hold?

Bo: Teknik Talons. I don't know why.
Marc: *shrugs* Dude, I have no idea...crimps?

Thanks for talking with us, boys! But really the best way to get to know these guys is by climbing their routes and saying hey when you see them in the gym. "We're bringing some southern hospitality to New York!" says Marc, the cake-eater. Silly Marc, everyone in the South knows that pie defeats all.