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Color The Crag 2018

Color the Crag is a climbing festival that celebrates diversity: it draws climbers of color (and allies) from around the country to the sandstone boulders at Horse Pens 40 in Alabama. Their mission is to rewrite the script on what climbers and leaders in the outdoor space can look like and to increase access to climbing for historically marginalized communities.

Each year, The Cliffs provides a scholarship to send one NYC climber of color to Color the Crag. This year, we were thrilled to give this opportunity to Janine, a Latina climber, social worker, and advocate for physical wellness and outdoor experiences. Here is her recap of her weekend at Color the Crag.

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The recipient of our Color the Crag Festival Scholarship, Maryam Adamu, shares stories from her weekend in Alabama. "All day and into the next, I hear us reach for language beyond burn, crush, and stoke. Too much chalk on the holds? They’re ashy. A group of spotters with their arms hoisted up? Praise hands. A climbing festival built for and by people of color? The family reunion.

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