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Level Up with the Pros Part 1: Interview with Paul Robinson

Earlier this week, we got to sit down and chat with two pros about their routines, their days off, and their extremes. One of them was Paul Robinson, one of the few climbers in the world to have completed multiple V15s, as well as flashed V13. Check back here next week for Part 2, an interview with climber and yogi extraordinaire, Olivia Hsu.

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Meet Whitney Boland: The Golden-Hearted, Bullet-Hard, Everyday Gunks Crusher

Resident strong woman and sweetheart of the Gunks give us her thoughts on psych, community, and bubble baths. "It doesn't matter how hard you send or if you send at all. What matters is that you're constantly trying to push yourself a little, expose yourself to something new and find the lesson in the moments that you wish had a different outcome."

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